Saturday, May 1, 2021

Playing Online!

During this challenging pandemic time, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of theaters and production companies who have kept theater alive online and have produced TEN of my plays!  Some have filmed actors in a theater, and others have used Zoom technology, all allowing viewing from the safety of your home computer.  Several of my plays are parts of collections, while others are solo shows.  Most are still available online for your viewing pleasure.


1. A SUPER REUNION. A feminist superhero and her retired, iconic superhero husband experience marital discord as she sets off to her class reunion.  Filmed live on the stage of the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT) with actors Diane Brunt and Brad Morse, directed by Bob Costa.  Recorded April 17, 2021; link coming soon.

2. Isn’t It Romantic.  What happens when a white mother and daughter seeking a wedding venue discover that a plantation’s history isn’t exactly mired in romance.  With Sallie Tighe, Cynthia Harrington and Racine Oxtoby.  Produced by the Nauset UU Fellowship on Zoom, January 10, 2021.  Approx. 15 minutes.  Link to view

3. MADE IN HEAVEN.  One of my favorite plays, about love, prejudice and the afterlife.  With Karen Santos and Linda Monchik, directed by Janet Moore.  Produced by the Sandwich Arts Alliance, October 23, 2020.  The play is followed by a discussion of white privilege and racial reckoning.  Approx. 1 hour.  Link to view:

4. THE TOUR.  Two white sisters tour a plantation in hopes of recapturing a “Gone with the Wind” experience.  Instead, they’re invited to spend the day slaving in the cotton field.  With Jon Kemp and Mary Chris Kenney.  AND 5. FRAGRANT PHANTOM.  Tennessee Williams and Zelda Fitzgerald meet in the afterlife, where she gives the famous playwright  the true story of her marriage to F. Scott.  With Dennis Cunningham and Cynthia Harrington.  Produced by Eventide Theater Company’s Virtural Playhouse, October 11/12, 2020.  Link to view both plays


6. RISK ASSESSMENT. Part of a collection of 13 short plays about climate, my play imagines air travel post-Covid, when privileges are realigned.  With Bob McNeil and Amanda Bowman.  The collection, produced by the LAVA Center in Greenfield, MA, includes terrific work by playwrights from Massachusetts, Ireland and New Zealand.  Don’t miss the one featuring a group of young people determined to change things, “A Change in Climate” by Patricia Crosby.  Facing the Future: Climate Change Theater will be shown all day on Earth Day, April 22, only.

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7. KINFOLK.  A Zoom meeting to meet new relatives has surprising consequences.  One of five plays written in less than 24 hours, my play featured Sallie Tighe, Sylvia Peck, and David Wallace.  Produced by the Provincetown Theater and Provincetown Playwrights’ Lab 24 Hour Plays, February 13/14, 2021.  Link to view:

8. GRIST FOR THE MILL. Nine playwrights + nine plays + 3 days = 2021 Playwrights, ETC Winter Showcase!  My play about spies who have to go to marriage counseling was featured in Day 1 with actors Sallie Tighe, Mary Chris Kenney and Ken Chisholm.  Produced by Eventide Theatre Company, February 13, 14 & 15, 2021.  Link to view:

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Day 3 -


9. JULY, 2020. A monologue featuring Jane MacDonald as a woman who doesn’t realize how hard Covid is impacting her partner.  Part of Sailor Beware’s “My Covid Year,” produced at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT) with direction by WHAT’s Artistic Director, Chris Ostrom.  First aired February 5, 2021.  Link to view:

10. WHO CARES?  The challenge was to write a monologue for a character the day after the November, 2020 election.   The character could be a supporter of either candidate, and the writer decided the outcome.  Jane MacDonald plays Melania Trump in my play, “Who Cares?” and is directed by Chris Ostrom in the Sailor Beware production of S’Election 2020: The Morning After Monologues, which first aired on November 5, 2020.  Link to view:


11. TWENTY YEARS.  Almost Adults Production's ongoing LGBTQ+ Online Short Play Reading Series, upcoming Sunday in May.

12. FROM THE WELL. Winner of the 2019 Blue Institute's Short Play contest, FROM THE WELL, takes place in the dunes of the Provincelands.  Currently in production as a radio play and slated for viewing on June 5, for the virtual "Words on Water Festival."