Friday, February 12, 2021

When it rains, it pours!

 So excited to have not one, but TWO shows going online this weekend!  

The Winter Showcase, a product of Eventide Arts Playwrights, ETC and 

the Provincetown Theater's Playwrights' Lab 24 Hour Plays!

All of the plays are free, but if you're able to make a donation to the sponsoring theaters, it would be most appreciated.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'Playwrights, ETC The Eventide Theatre Company Presents the 2021 WINTER SHOWCASE February 13th, 14th, and 15th at 4pm'

 My play, "Grist for the Mill," will be shown with two other plays by terrific playwrights on Saturday, February 13 at 4 pm, followed by a live discussion.  Huge thanks to the very talented Sallie Tighe, Mary Chris Kenney and Ken Chisholm for bringing this new work to life.

On Sunday and Monday, six other new plays will be shown, also 4 pm.  As Playwright-in-Residence for Playwrights, ETC, I'll be joining all the playwrights in discussions each day.  Please join us!  

For more information, and to register, go to Winter Showcase 2021

 And, later on February 13 at 7 pm and again February 14 at 2 pm:


Plays were written in 24 hours, rehearsed over a few hours and then recorded.  

My play, "Kinfolk," was directed by David Drake, Artistic Director of the Provincetown Theater and director extraordinaire, featuring the fabulous Sallie Tighe, Sylvia Peck and David Wallace. 

Streaming on

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sailor Beware presents:

Twelve Months a Pandemic

Twelve original monologues on the personal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in America in the year 2020.

Streaming at starting February 5, 2021


Written by Fermin Rojas, Performed by Freddy Biddle
Written by Sam Platizky, Performed by Joe MacDougall*
MARCH 2020
Written by Glyn Dowden, Performed by Cindy Harrington
APRIL 2020
Written by Linda Fiorella, Performed by Jody O’Neil*
MAY 2020
Written by Nathan Butera, Performed by Mark Meehan
JUNE 2020
Written by Seth Reuben Jacobson, Performed by Joey Lachimia
JULY 2020
Written by Candace Perry, Performed by Jane Macdonald*
Written by Joanne Callum Powers, Performed by Geoffrey Newton
Written by Steven Bruce Myerson, Performed by Janet Geist Moore
Written by Sylvia Peck, Performed by Lynda Sturner*
Written by Dian Hamilton, Performed by John Shuman*
Written by Karen Scalia, Performed by Linda Monchik

* Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020: The Year of Living Virtually

Huge THANKS to the organizations, theaters, directors and actors 

who joined with me to make some of my plays possible online in 2020!


Heartland Theater Company, Normal, Illinois for bringing back some of their favorite ten minute plays from over the years, including my short play, A SUPER REUNION, about a feminist superhero.  Watch online here: A SUPER REUNION

Jane MacDonald as Melania Trump

Sailor Beware, a wonderful Cape-based company presented S'ELECTION, a collection of monologues which imagined the day after the 2020 election.  Monologues were presented in partnership with Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater on the WHAT stage.  My monologue, "Who Cares," was beautifully delivered by Jane MacDonald playing Melania Trump.  Watch it here: WHO CARES

The Sandwich Arts Alliance had a terrific and challenging idea to present a play, via Zoom, dealing with racism.  The play was followed by a panel discussion that looked at issues of race and white privilege.  The play they presented was my short play, "Made in Heaven," about prejudice and the afterlife.  Directed by Janet Moore with Karen Santos and Linda Monchik.  Watch it here:  MADE IN HEAVEN

Eventide Arts recognized during the year that live theater wouldn't be possible, so they started Virtual Theater!  We kicked off the online productions with two of my short plays, "The Tour" and "Fragrant Phantom."  "The Tour" tells of two sisters, played wonderfully by Jon Kemp and Mary Chris Kenney, who discover that a tour of a plantation isn't what they expected.  In "Fragrant Phantom," Dennis Cunningham and Cynthia Harrington bring Tennessee Williams and Zelda Fitzgeral to life in the afterlife to debate the "gone good days."  Watch both plays here: THE TOUR & FRAGRANT PHANTOM

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Racial Reckoning in the Time of Covid


"Made in Heaven" returns as a Zoom production!

The Sandwich Arts Alliance wanted to respond to the current racial reckoning with a play that might help raise questions and awareness around racism and white privilege.  Many thanks to everyone involved for taking on this project, which will include my play, "Made in Heaven," followed by a panel discussion of the issues with members of the community.  While “Made in Heaven” has been performed a number of times before, including in Dublin, this would be a first, performing it in Zoom live during COVID-19. The show was recorded, along with a conversation about race, on October 23.  You can still view it by going to:


Monday, October 5, 2020

Theaters closed? Let's Zoom!

In these challenging times of racial reckoning and the coronavirus pandemic, along with the upcoming election, we’re concerned and taking action.  But sometimes we all need a break, so I hope you’ll join me this Saturday, virtually, for an online production of two of my favorite short plays I’ve written, “The Tour” and “Fragrant Phantom,” for Eventide Theatre Company’s Virtual Playhouse launch.

In “The Tour,” Mary Chris Kenney and Jon Kemp play two sisters whose visit to a Southern plantation turns out to be full of surprises and lessons learned.  Reprising their stage roles as Zelda Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams in “Fragrant Phantom,” Cynthia Harrington and Dennis Cunningham take on writing, feminism, the Jazz Age, and after-life.

Virtual Playhouse takes place live, on line, on Saturday, October 10, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, with “The Tour” and “Fragrant Phantom.” A talkback with the creative team will take place following the virtual performances which will be aired on Eventide’s Facebook page, as well as recorded for future viewing.  A Facebook account is not required for viewing, just go to:

Thanks to these fabulous actors for learning how to bring the stage to you safely!


Mary Chris Kenney in "The Tour"

Jon Kemp in "The Tour"

Dennis Cunningham in "Fragrant Phantom"

Cynthia Harrington in "Fragrant Phantom"


International Women's Day Celebration was terrific!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wrote a microplay!

Recently the Dramatists Guild sent out a challenge to members to write a microplay, which is 150 words.  Yep, 150, that's it!  Here's the challenge:

The Coronavirus Play Project 

Please write a rapid-response two character microplay, that is no more than 150 words max. (No monologues or solo plays please.) The play should address how you are feeling right now, living in this turbulent moment. Or, if you are looking for a bit of hope, you might want to write a love letter to our artistic community. Or, you might want to imagine what our future is going to look like. Or, you might want to vent. Or, you might want to explore some big questions with which you've been grappling right now. Or, you must just want to write something silly or funny. Whatever you want to write about. There are no rules and there is no specific theme. This opportunity is open to anyone around the world who wants to participate. 

You should write a play that any two humans can pick up, read, and be successful in, regardless of sex, gender, age, race, or culture, or physical ability. If we do a final project, we’re going to have unknown community participants, who’ll be signing up to be actors for this on the fly. We aim to include as many people as we can. There will be no casting process. We hope to avoid offensive representations with inappropriately cast community readers, regardless of the shape of the final project. The more general the casting needs are, the more inclusive we can be of our readers. 

I loved this challenge and wrote a new play, "Valued Passengers."  Some actors and I are trying to figure out how to film the script from our own safe places.  Stay tuned for the final product!  For now,  here's  the script for "Valued Passengers."

By Candace Perry

Characters:  J, business traveler and B, airline representative

J:  But I have a ticket!

B:  With a defunct corporation.  Please move to one side. (to unseen other passengers) Welcome aboard…thanks for flying with us…welcome.

J:  A first class ticket!

B:  (to another passenger) Glad you could make it…Sorry you missed the birth, but six months is a great age…thanks for understanding.

J:  You’re bumping me for a grandmother!  She can FaceTime with the kid!

B:  Don’t you follow the news? First time, in person contact with a beloved is highest priority now. Then life-changing events, volunteer services, medical emergencies and high school play-off games.

J:  I’m a Diamond Platinum Frequent Flyer!

B:  Uh oh. That carbon footprint gives you lowest priority.

J:  Lives depend on this very, very important meeting!

B:  Medical business?

J:  Essential business!

B:  Life enhancing?

J:  Cutting edge.  Fracking.

B:  Not even on the wing!