Welcome to my website, where I make the audacious claim of changing the world, one play at a time!  

I like writing that aims to engage, entertain, and make a difference.  I am passionate about social justice and working with others to make change.  I’ve done this in my professional life as a social worker, working with individuals, couples and families, and working with communities in the field of AIDS and health care as a human right.  My full length, short, and radio plays take on, among other issues, the following:

At the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival

photo by Peter Demers
  • Addictions
  • Corporate abuse 
  • Families
  • The Holocaust
  • Hurricanes
  • Immigration
  • Marriage, straight and gay
  • Racism
  • War
  • Women’s rights

And, I like to find a way to make
you laugh or smile while immersed in such weighty topics.  

If this kind of work interests you, I invite you to read my plays, which can be downloaded from the Plays page.  

If you wish to perform a play, please contact me for permission and royalty information.

Why Plays?

Why not write an essay, a speech, a bumper sticker?  Though I’ve published short stories, poems, letters to the editor, and creative non-fiction, I find that plays give me the greatest room to create a world.  Theater is accomplished in community.  The playwright puts the words on paper, the director envisions the words into action, the actors interpret the emotion of the action, and, finally, the audience experiences our shared world in real time.  And change is accomplished in community, not overnight, but over time, together.  So, for me, writing plays with the hopes of changing the world makes perfect sense!

If you want to change something by Tuesday, theater is no good.  Journalism is what does that.  But, if you want to just alter the chemistry of the moral matrix, then theater has a longer half-life.
 -- Tom Stoppard