Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020: The Year of Living Virtually

Huge THANKS to the organizations, theaters, directors and actors 

who joined with me to make some of my plays possible online in 2020!


Heartland Theater Company, Normal, Illinois for bringing back some of their favorite ten minute plays from over the years, including my short play, A SUPER REUNION, about a feminist superhero.  Watch online here: A SUPER REUNION

Jane MacDonald as Melania Trump

Sailor Beware, a wonderful Cape-based company presented S'ELECTION, a collection of monologues which imagined the day after the 2020 election.  Monologues were presented in partnership with Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater on the WHAT stage.  My monologue, "Who Cares," was beautifully delivered by Jane MacDonald playing Melania Trump.  Watch it here: WHO CARES

The Sandwich Arts Alliance had a terrific and challenging idea to present a play, via Zoom, dealing with racism.  The play was followed by a panel discussion that looked at issues of race and white privilege.  The play they presented was my short play, "Made in Heaven," about prejudice and the afterlife.  Directed by Janet Moore with Karen Santos and Linda Monchik.  Watch it here:  MADE IN HEAVEN

Eventide Arts recognized during the year that live theater wouldn't be possible, so they started Virtual Theater!  We kicked off the online productions with two of my short plays, "The Tour" and "Fragrant Phantom."  "The Tour" tells of two sisters, played wonderfully by Jon Kemp and Mary Chris Kenney, who discover that a tour of a plantation isn't what they expected.  In "Fragrant Phantom," Dennis Cunningham and Cynthia Harrington bring Tennessee Williams and Zelda Fitzgeral to life in the afterlife to debate the "gone good days."  Watch both plays here: THE TOUR & FRAGRANT PHANTOM