Monday, October 5, 2020

Theaters closed? Let's Zoom!

In these challenging times of racial reckoning and the coronavirus pandemic, along with the upcoming election, we’re concerned and taking action.  But sometimes we all need a break, so I hope you’ll join me this Saturday, virtually, for an online production of two of my favorite short plays I’ve written, “The Tour” and “Fragrant Phantom,” for Eventide Theatre Company’s Virtual Playhouse launch.

In “The Tour,” Mary Chris Kenney and Jon Kemp play two sisters whose visit to a Southern plantation turns out to be full of surprises and lessons learned.  Reprising their stage roles as Zelda Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams in “Fragrant Phantom,” Cynthia Harrington and Dennis Cunningham take on writing, feminism, the Jazz Age, and after-life.

Virtual Playhouse takes place live, on line, on Saturday, October 10, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, with “The Tour” and “Fragrant Phantom.” A talkback with the creative team will take place following the virtual performances which will be aired on Eventide’s Facebook page, as well as recorded for future viewing.  A Facebook account is not required for viewing, just go to:

Thanks to these fabulous actors for learning how to bring the stage to you safely!


Mary Chris Kenney in "The Tour"

Jon Kemp in "The Tour"

Dennis Cunningham in "Fragrant Phantom"

Cynthia Harrington in "Fragrant Phantom"