Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wrote a microplay!

Recently the Dramatists Guild sent out a challenge to members to write a microplay, which is 150 words.  Yep, 150, that's it!  Here's the challenge:

The Coronavirus Play Project 

Please write a rapid-response two character microplay, that is no more than 150 words max. (No monologues or solo plays please.) The play should address how you are feeling right now, living in this turbulent moment. Or, if you are looking for a bit of hope, you might want to write a love letter to our artistic community. Or, you might want to imagine what our future is going to look like. Or, you might want to vent. Or, you might want to explore some big questions with which you've been grappling right now. Or, you must just want to write something silly or funny. Whatever you want to write about. There are no rules and there is no specific theme. This opportunity is open to anyone around the world who wants to participate. 

You should write a play that any two humans can pick up, read, and be successful in, regardless of sex, gender, age, race, or culture, or physical ability. If we do a final project, we’re going to have unknown community participants, who’ll be signing up to be actors for this on the fly. We aim to include as many people as we can. There will be no casting process. We hope to avoid offensive representations with inappropriately cast community readers, regardless of the shape of the final project. The more general the casting needs are, the more inclusive we can be of our readers. 

I loved this challenge and wrote a new play, "Valued Passengers."  Some actors and I are trying to figure out how to film the script from our own safe places.  Stay tuned for the final product!  For now,  here's  the script for "Valued Passengers."

By Candace Perry

Characters:  J, business traveler and B, airline representative

J:  But I have a ticket!

B:  With a defunct corporation.  Please move to one side. (to unseen other passengers) Welcome aboard…thanks for flying with us…welcome.

J:  A first class ticket!

B:  (to another passenger) Glad you could make it…Sorry you missed the birth, but six months is a great age…thanks for understanding.

J:  You’re bumping me for a grandmother!  She can FaceTime with the kid!

B:  Don’t you follow the news? First time, in person contact with a beloved is highest priority now. Then life-changing events, volunteer services, medical emergencies and high school play-off games.

J:  I’m a Diamond Platinum Frequent Flyer!

B:  Uh oh. That carbon footprint gives you lowest priority.

J:  Lives depend on this very, very important meeting!

B:  Medical business?

J:  Essential business!

B:  Life enhancing?

J:  Cutting edge.  Fracking.

B:  Not even on the wing!