Thursday, September 28, 2017


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the great success of  CALL HOME THE HEART:
Director Bob Costa, fantastic actors, emcee Ellen LeBow, tech Andrea Pluhar, the staff of Wellfleet Preservation Hall, and production guide Charles Thibodeau!

Sallie Tighe, Deborah Seavey and Madison Mayer in "A Thing of Beauty"

                  Dick Morrill and Deborah Williams in "Lost Causes"

Jon Kemp in "Lost Causes"

Dennis Cunningham and Cynthia Harrington in "Fragrant Phantom"

          Leanne McLaughlin in "Sorry"              
Cynthia Harrington and Dick Morrill in "Sorry"  

Bob Costa and Emily Nyerick in "Max's Number"

Sasha Curran and Dennis in "Sticks and Stones"
Dennis Cunningham and John Anderson in "Sticks and Stones"

Photos by Barbara Woodbury, Whosewoods Design