Friday, October 18, 2013

No More Hog Jowls at the Jim Crow Counter -- October 18 & 19

"No More Hog Jowls at the Jim Crow Counter" is back, this time with women at the counter!  GAN-e-meed Theatre Project,, is bringing the play to the Double Take Fringe Festival in Greenfield, MA, but this time Henry and Sam have been replaced with Harriet and Sallie.  Great cast, great festival!  Friday and Saturday, Oct. 18 & 19. For tickets and more info on the festival, go to

(l to r) Jen Sweeney as Lillian, Tasia A. Jones as Harriet, and Jaclyn Johnson as Sallie
in GAN-e-meed's production.  Also with Robert LaMothe, directed by Amy West.