Short Plays and Radio Plays

Emily Nyerick in "Max's Number"
I'm happy to share my short plays, which include ten minute plays, one acts and radio plays.  Titles in red are available for download, and others are available by contacting me.  If you'd like to produce one of my plays, please contact me for permission and information on royalties.

A Hurricane Called Katrina
Blanche gets her revenge on Stanley when he is trapped on his roof on Elysian Fields.

A Super Reunion
WOW Woman, a superhero, wants what she does to matter more. Her husband, the iconic Ocean Man, now retired, thinks she's getting too worked up over attending her class reunion. How do superheroes manage marital conflict?

          Ten minute play      
          Radio play

A Thing of Beauty
Should weddings be held on plantations?  Beth Sanders, the new owner of Deslondes Plantation, which commemorates the 1811 Slave Revolt, thinks not.

Who’s acting, who’s telling the truth when an HIV test is needed?

On the brink of the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Harold begins getting in shape to join the Army and pop the big question.

A conquistador in a history museum teaches lessons from the past that hold true today.

Deep Space
A mother suspects that the space corporation knows their astronauts, including her son, have died.

        Ten minute play
        Radio play

Three Southern sisters gather at the beach and the oldest shares a secret about Mom’s Haviland Limoge.

Driving to Jaffa
An Israeli woman breaks the law to give children a day at the beach.
Jackie O (played by a man in drag) visits a “First Lady” to a philandering husband and shares fashion tips.

A mature soldier’s daughter, wife, and mother cope with his absence in Iraq by connecting with
the cardboard replica of him.

A woman’s dreams of being a country western singing star are nurtured and thwarted by her

Kissing Roy Rodgers
First cousins Kyle and Anne meet again at their grandmother's funeral in the hopes that memory and true love will trump taboo.

Lost Causes
The consequences to a marriage when it is touched by ordinary life and the extraordinary dangers of AIDS.

True love reigns in Heaven, but Faye can’t accept that she’s been matched for all time to her Black gardener.

Max’s Number
Max is a Holocaust survivor with a gambling addiction and a family that doesn’t understand his
playing of a special number.

          Ten minute play      
          Radio play

Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a farmer’s wife who shares names with the movie star her mother adores.  Together they watch the 1999 Academy Awards when the other Meryl is nominated for “One True Thing.”

No More Hog Jowls at the Jim Crow Counter
Henry and Sam sat in the back room of the Georgia diner when the law required it and they
continue to be comfortable there until the owner decides it’s time to do away with the Jim Crow

Off the Couch
A psychotherapist’s ethics are challenged when she tells her sister she plans to marry a man
who’s been her patient.

Point Clear
The good folks of Point Clear, Alabama won’t put up with the “wrong” people having relationships and wanting to marry.

Santa Revealed
What if Santa is not the person we all think “he” is? The F.I.X. Network goes live to the North Pole in December to find out.

Silent Moves
The making of a silent film that turns the genre on its head.

A mother struggles with the loss of her daughter who died in the war in Iraq.

Sticks and Stones
What are the words which hurt, and why do we use them?

A play about marriage, memory and revolution.

Talking to Women
A man talks to his wife, his daughter, his lover, his mother and his psychotherapist, trying to make sense of marriage.

The Fragrant Phantom
Tennessee Williams and Zelda Fitzgerald meet in the afterlife and she corrects some
misconceptions about authorship.

The Last Guacamole at Cha Cha Cha
A couple revisit stages of their relationship from the hopeful beginning to the sad ending at their favorite Mexican restaurant.

The Tour
Two aging Southern sisters visit the plantation once owned by their family and, instead of taking a tour touting the glories of the past, they spend the day as slaves.

Twenty Years
The ad reads, “Two gay professionals seek two women to coparent, twenty year commitment.”

          10 minute version
          20 minute version